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sketches of the lady Khemalla by Giovanni Gottio.

Lady Khemalla of Lahmia is an ancient vampire in the World-that-Was.[1]


As she grew older, she desired to gaze upon her face once more, commissioning some of the best painters in the world to create a masterpiece and rewarding those who pleased her with a draught of her own blood. This in turn would gift them with an unnaturally long life. [1]

These included: Bardova, the Chaos tainted Eastalian Dari, the legendary da Venzio, Giovanni Gottio and Litto. [1]

Children in Darkness

She created a number of vampires, but was reluctant to do so for true artists, for as she herself noted the transformation tended to remove creativity. [1]

  • Mariato: A favourite of Khemalla who in threatening Giovanni Gottio during his work, lost her favour and his life. [1]


If you know what I am, then you must understand that it has been many years since I have gazed upon my own face in the glass of any mirror. To never again see the features of your reflection, to live so long that you perhaps forget the image of your own face, can you begin to imagine what that might be like mortal? Is it any wonder that so many of my kind give themselves fully over to madness and cruelty when they have nothing left to reminds themselves of their own humanity? I can only see myself through the eyes of others, and so I choose to do so only through the greatest artists of each age.

~Khemalla to Giovanni Gottio .[1]