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Aloysis was king of the Cherusen tribe during the time of Sigmar. He swore a Sword Oath to Sigmar, allying the Cherusens with the Unberogens, and brought Cherusen forces to the Battle of Black Fire Pass. Afterwards, Aloysis was one of the kings who hailed Sigmar as Emperor, taking the title of Count for himself.

For generations before Sigmar's time, the Cherusens had warred with their eastern neighbours, the Taleutens. This bitter feud continued even after Sigmar's uniting of the human tribes into the Empire, though both Aloysis and the Taleuten Count Krugar denied raiding each other's lands. Fallen under the dark influence of the Crown of Nagash, Sigmar became enraged by Aloysis and Krugar's continued fighting and deceit, and imprisoned them both pending execution. Thankfully, Sigmar's friend Wolfgart was able to break the crown's influence before Sigmar could carry out the dark deed, and Aloysis and Krugar were freed. From that moment on the Cherusens and Taleutens ceased their feud.

Aloysis led the Cherusens through both the first Chaos invasion of the Empire and the undead invasion orchestrated by Nagash, he and his people surviving both wars. The Cherusens would go on to become the people of Hochland.