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Marbad was a King of the Endal tribe prior to to the formation of the Empire. [1a]


A grey-haired man, his face lined and weathered, his bronze armour moulded to replicate his once powerful physique. His helm was black with feathered wings that grew up from the cheek plates and a long black cloak. [1b]


Marbard discovered the sword Ulfshard and other elf artefacts in a secret chamber beneath Marburg. [2a]

He and his people were driven from their lands by King Marius of the Jutones drove them from their lands, that tribe having been pushed out of their lands by the Teutogens. Later he sought the aid of King Björn of the Unberogens when his lands were plagued by marsh daemons. Afterwards the two kings swore a Sword Oath to aid each other in times of war. [1a]

He visited Björn at Reikdorf accompanied by a score of Raven Helms. [1b]

When Björn's son Sigmar began uniting the tribes of man into the Empire, Marbad became one of his closest allies. King Marbad and his son Aldred led their warriors at the Battle of Black Fire Pass and Marbad obeyed the words of the Hag of the Brackenwalsch who had visited him twenty years before - when you see the silver hand lift the crimson banner high you will ride with all your strength to Sigmar's side and grant him your most precious possession. Despite his sons protests he rode with his best warriors to where Sigmar was fighting on the hard pressed right flank. [1c]

He sacrificed himself to save Sigmar during the Battle of Black Fire Pass, disarming himself by throwing Ulfshard to Sigmar so that he could slay a huge Troll that had survived blows from Ghal-Maraz. [1d]

Weapons and Equipment

  • Ulfshard: A magical blade made by the fey. [1a]


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