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The Endals were an ancient human tribe who once inhabited the western coastlands of what became the Empire

They were known for an elite warrior cadre called the Raven Helms. [1c]


A few generations before the birth of Sigmar they were displaced by the Jutones, another tribe who had been driven out of their own lands by the Teutogens. Forced to make a new home in the gloomy bogs around the mouth of the Reik, the Endals established the city of Marburg. [1c]

When the Orc Warlord Skarskan Bloodhelm sought to drive the Endals from their lands, King Björn rode to their aid and took the Orcs head as a trophy. [1a] King Marbad of the Endals later sought the Unberogens' aid in combating marsh demons which were plaguing his lands. After the successful campaign Marbad and Bjorn swore a Sword Oath, allying their tribes. [1b]

When Bjorn was slain battling a Norsii invasion and Sigmar began uniting the tribes into an Empire, the Endals came to his side easily and without bloodshed.

A great horde of Greenskins had invaded the lands of the Ostagoths, Merogens and Menogoths. The combined armies of the Cherusen, Endals, Taleutens and Unberogens faced them at the Battle of the Aver, defending the bridges over the river Aver. For several days and nights the battle raged until finally the humans were victorious but at great cost. [1e]

King Marbad and his son Aldred led their warriors at the Battle of Black Fire Pass and his sons protests, Marbard rode with his best warriors to where Sigmar was fighting on the hard pressed right flank. [1f]

Marbad's successor, Aldred, held a grudge against Sigmar over his father's death, as Marbad had died after disarming himself in order to throw the Endals' magical blade Ulfshard to Sigmar so that he could slay the Orc warlord and, worse, the marsh demons had returned to plague Aldred's lands.

Falling under the influence of a priest of the Old Faith, Idris Gwylt, Aldred was prepared to sacrifice his sister Marika to the demons in the misguided belief that it would make them leave, [2a] but Sigmar and his men intervened and together they slew the demons and rescued her. Afterwards Aldred renewed his Sword Oath to Sigmar, [2b] but Marika now had a grudge against her brother for trying to sacrifice her.

In the summer of 1 IC, Sigmar called for a great muster against Marius of the Jutones and with their allies, he marched on him with a combined force of around 10,000 warriors, Aldred and Laredus leading their Raven Helms. [2c]

Marburg and the Endals came under attack during the undead invasion of the Empire led by Nagash, and during the battle Princess Marika conspired with Marius, Count of the Jutones, to remove Aldred and claim Marburg for themselves. Aldred was mortally wounded in battle with a Zombie Dragon and died soon after, and in the aftermath of the invasion Marius and Marika wed and inherited rule of Marburg, which later became Marienburg. The exact fate of the Endals is unknown, but they presumably became part of the population of the city.


  • Raven Helms: Elite warriors of the Endals, each having sworn to protect their kings life with their own. [1c]


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