Tuula Bloodhair

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Tuula Bloodhair

Tuula Bloodhair is the wife of the chief of the Skaelings, Olaf Wolfhound. [1a]


She is tall and strong, like most Skaeling women and is festooned with trinkets and trophies with the the symbol of Khorne tattooed across her brow. Her long, wild hair is naturally red, which is seen as a sign of the blessing of her god and she has had right hand is tattooed red too, as if she had just dipped it in a pail of blood. [1b]


Awakened from its long slumber, the Daemon Spear S'iba'aht thirsted for more blood. Desperate to be free and wielded by a great warrior once more, it called across the Sea of Claws to any follower of Khorne who might hear it. Tuula Bloodhair, heard the call and told her husband who immediately began preparations for the invasion of the town Neues Emskrank, knowing it to be Khorne's will. [1a]


As well as her own tribes tongue she can speak some Reiklander. [1b]


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