Erik Redaxe

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Erik Redaxe was a Norse Leader who led raids on Ulthuan. [1a]

He is known as the first leader to unite the clans of Norsca under one banner as High King. [2a]


As a restless youth he took a longship and a score of men on a long raid down the coast of Kislev all the way to the Bay of Corsairs, gathering men, more ships and plenty of loot. He was finally defeated by a Sea Elf fleet and returned home after two years raiding with a dozen ships laden with spoils. [2a]

Learning that Marienburg was assembling a fleet to attack him, he decided to strike first, carrying out a daring night raid on the city, capturing Guy du Lac who he then ransomed to Emperor Wilhelm the Wise in exchange for food stores to feed his people. [2a]

In 2502 IC he attacked the High Elf homeland with a huge fleet but was defeated by a large elf war fleet commanded by Tyrion, driving them away from the coast. [1a] His Kingship was stormed by the Elves, led by the White Lions. [3a]

Weapons and Equipment

  • Battle Troll: A magical axe given to him by his father, it protects him from wounds and cuts through any non-magical armour. [2a]


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