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The Skaelings are a Khorne Worshipping tribe of Norsca. [1a]


Skaelings dress in bear fur cloaks and reindeer hide clothing adorned with charms and colourful embroidery. They cut their red dyed hair cut in strange shapes, held up with animal fat whilst their bodies are tattooed all over with strange runes and other designs. Both armour and shields are painted red (often with blood) in honour of the Blood God. Their colours are red and blue: red for blood and Khorne and blue for the sea. [1a]

Most Skaeling women are festooned with trinkets and trophies. [1a]


Many marauders speak nothing but their own tongue, however, some marauders speak a smattering of Reiklander or Wastelander, which is a widespread trade language across the Sea of Claws. [1a]


Tribe symbol

Their symbol is the symbol of Khorne, often depicted with a skull at its centre. [1a]

Weapons and Equipment

Most carry round shields and they tend to prefer axes and spears. [1a]



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