Kar Odacen

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Kar Odacen was an advisor to the kings of the Norsii for centuries. [1a]


He wore thin dark robes, his head shaved and his flesh resembling wrinkled leather. [1a]


He travelled into the far north, the gods blessing him with power and an extended life span and when he returned he attempted to shape the destiny of the Norsii to help bring about the End Times. [2a]

After the slaughter of the Norsii at the hands of Sigmar and his allies he told the new king Cormac Bloodaxe to walk along the shoreline with him, and there he found the malnourished Gerreon in a small boat who Kar Odacen renamed Azazel. [1a]

In 3 IC he guided Azazel and Cormac back to the lands of the Udose, attacking the village of Haugrvik, slaughtering the few men, enslaving the women and sacrficing the children to Kharnath. [2a]

With Azazel, he killed Gráinne, the Hag of the Brackenwalsch, subjecting her to the triple death - slitting her throat, smashing her skull and pushing her into the marsh to drown. [2b]

He spent two years helping Cormac to plan his invasion of the newly created Empire of Sigmar, being present at the subsequent defeat of the army of Sigmar at the Battle of the Northern Ridge. [2c] Although Cormac plannned to ravage the Empire when Sigmar retreated to Middenheim, Kar Odacen convinced him that he must attack the city of the White Wolf to extinguish the Flame of Ulric. [2d]


Spare me your empty threats. I have seen my death a thousand times and it is not by your axe.

~ Kar Odacen to Cormac Bloodaxe. [1a]


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