Baron Henryk's College of Navigation and Sea Magicks

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Baron Henryk's College of Navigation and Sea Magicks in Marienburg is one one of the Old World's premier centres of learning. [1a]


In 1947 IC the College was granted the palace of Baron Henryk's mother, the Contessa Esmeralda Cioppino of Miragliano on her death. [1a]


As it is beyond the jurisdiction of the Empire, it does not normally issue licences but will provide them to any of their wizards who intened to travel into the Empire. [2a]


Study and Research Progam

Over a three year period, students study Astronomy, Grammar, History, Logic, Music, Rhetoric, and well as the Classical and Old Worlder languages and if they complete the curriculum they receive a MPN degree (Magister Philosophiae Naturalis). [1a]

In addition and with the co-operation of the various guilds and temples of the city, the University has pioneered research work in many areas. Foremost among these is the study of Navigation and Cartography, their original patron's Baron's two great passions, but Doctors also use the facilities of the Great Hospital of Shallya to teach medicine and surgery, the Inns of Court train new lawyers whilst the priests of Haendryk speak on the new science of Economicks. Even Sea Elves from Sith Rionnasc'namishathir have lectured here. [1a]

The techniques of applied sorcery, with an emphasis on magic useful to mariners and the merchant are also taught here with the Directorate ensuring that there is plenty of funding for training wizards loyal to Marienburg, not to mention the individual Houses of the Ten. [1a]

The college even sponsors explorers through the Wasteland Geographical Society. [1a]


It must become a centre for the study of the Sea and sea travel, for it is through Manann's realm that Marienburg's true future lies.

~ Baron Henryk.[1a]


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