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A Sorceress

The Prophecy of Demise has led to substantial restrictions concerning the study of magic in the kingdom of Naggaroth [1a]; officially only Dark Elf women may learn and study the secrets of magic, becoming Sorceresses.

Any Dark Elf woman with ambitions to become a Sorceress will be submitted to 12 dangerous tests [1a][2a]. If she prevails she will ritually marry the Witch King. Thus she is unable to marry or bear any children [1a]. She is also obliged to join the Dark Convent of Sorceresses.

A single unified organisation headquartered in Ghrond, although there are in fact 6 convents [1a], presumably one for each Dark Elf city.

Following a policy of divide-and-rule, Morathi uses the Dark convent as a counter-weight to the cult of Khaine [1b]. This has led to a centuries-old rivalry between the two organisations[1c].

The internal hierarchy of the convent is unclear, but it seems to be led by Supreme Sorceresses[2b].

Nevertheless male sorcerers do exist and by keeping a low profile may even prosper in the kingdom of Naggaroth.


Eldire, the mother of Malus Darkblade, was able to marry and to bear a son. However she was a war prize of Lurhan, the Vaulkhar of Hag Graef. In other words: She is an exception to the rule.Needs Citation