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A Sorceress

Dark Elf Sorceresses are invariably beautiful creatures who can curse and scorch the souls of their enemies and blight entire enemy armies. [1a]


The Prophecy of Demise has led to substantial restrictions concerning the study of magic in the kingdom of Naggaroth [1a]; officially only Dark Elf women may learn and study the secrets of magic, becoming Sorceresses. A high Sorceress is one of the most powerful and feared individuals in the Dark Elf empire. [1d]

Following a policy of divide-and-rule, Morathi uses the Dark convent as a counter-weight to the cult of Khaine [1b]. This has led to a centuries-old rivalry between the two organisations. [1a].

Dark Convent

It can be considered a single unified organisation headquartered in Ghrond, although there are in fact 6 convents presumably one for each Dark Elf city.[1b][1c]

Each covent is led by a High Mistress who carries a Black Staff, a potent magical talsiman as a symbol of their office. [1c]


Any Dark Elf woman with ambitions to become a Sorceress will be submitted to 12 dangerous tests [1b][1e][2a]. If she prevails she will ritually marry the Witch King. Thus she is unable to marry or bear any children [1b][1c]. She is also obliged to join the Dark Convent of Sorceresses.

Nevertheless male sorcerers do exist and by keeping a low profile may even prosper in the kingdom of Naggaroth.


Eldire, the mother of Malus Darkblade, was able to marry and to bear a son. However she was a war prize of Lurhan, the Vaulkhar of Hag Graef. In other words: She is an exception to the rule.Needs Citation


A Sorceress must walk the dark paths of the Realm of Chaos, the deep pits of the oceans, and the fiery mountains in their quest for knowledge. The channelling of the raw Winds of Chaos and the binding of these forces give the Sorceress her power.

~ Kaladhtoir, the Sixth Book of Secrets.[1b]




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