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Azazel, Prince of Damnation is a Daemonic champion of the Chaos God Slaanesh.[1]



Azazel was once a mortal man, born Gerreon of the Unberogen tribe, the twin brother of Trinovantes and the younger sibling of Ravenna. [3a]

At the brothers' birth, a seer predicted that only one of the twins would know both the greatest pleasure and the greatest pain. [3]

When Trinovantes fell in battle with orcs during the Battle of Astofen Bridge‎‎, Gerreon blamed Sigmar for issuing the orders that sent his twin brother to his death. [3b] Gerreon himself had not been able to take part in the expedition because of a broken wrist inflicted in a brawl with one of Sigmar's sword-brothers, Wolfgart the week before after Gerron had been teased about looking like a Bretonii catamite. [3a] At the funeral of Trinovantes, Sigmar offered him his brothers shield but he refused and instead Ravenna took it. [3c]

In spite of Sigmar's oath that Trinovantes had chosen to stand his ground and died bravely, Gerreon was inconsolable and swore revenge against Sigmar. Under the guidance of the Hag of the Brackenwalsch seer, Gerreon pretended to forgive Sigmar and swore friendship and loyalty to him. He was told by her to: Be the peacemaker...hold to your vengeance, but cloak it with friendship. Remember, Gerreon of the Unberogen...the red hand and the wounded sword. [3f]

He followed her advice and soon became a valued member of Sigmar's retinue, since his skill with a sword was unrivaled.[3d][3e] Gerreon himself grew so close to Sigmar that he began to feel conflicted, recognizing the nobility in Sigmar and his brethren, and beginning to doubt his oath to seek revenge. [3f] He saved Sigmar twice from death in battle, once at the Battle of the Barren Hills and again during a skirmish against Teutogens raiders. [3e]

Nevertheless, six years after Trinovantes's death, when Sigmar was twenty-one, he witnessed his sister and Sigmar making love in their home and full of anger fled into the Brackenwalsch and after staring at the Chaos moon for some time he saw eyes staring back at him. He accepted his fate and the dark wonders the eyes promised. [3g]

He found the two lovers swimming in a secluded valley and Gerreon struck, wounding Sigmar with a poisoned sword blade and running his own sister Ravenna (Sigmar's betrothed) through the belly. [3h] Gerreon disappeared, and Sigmar hovered near death for several days, before recovering from the poison. [3]

Making his way north as a fugitive, Gerreon found asylum with the survivors of the Norsii, who had been annihilated in battle with now-King Sigmar and his allies. A sorcerer of the Norsii, Kar Odacen had foreseen the coming of one who would become a great champion of Chaos, and anointed Gerreon with a new name: Azazel.[3i]

Azazel, Champion of Chaos

In 3 IC Kar Odacen led Azazel and Cormac Bloodaxe back to the lands of the Udose, attacking the village of Haugrvik, slaughtering the few men, enslaving the women and sacrficing the children to Kharnath. [4a] With Kar Oldacen, he killed Gráinne, the Hag of the Brackenwalsch, subjecting her to the triple death - slitting her throat, smashing her skull and pushing her into the marsh to drown. [4b]

He was part of the huge army that Cormac assembled to attack the Empire, fighting at both the Battle of the Northern Ridge[4c] and the Siege of Middenheim. [4d] During the fighting, he fought the threesome of Otwin, Marius and Pendrag, the latter who was armed with the first Runefang. [4e] Yet even as he withdrew his broken sword from the body of Pendrag he was overcome with self-loathing and regret and retreated from the city. [4f]

Azazel and Kar Oldacen made their way north once more, Azazel making a barren cave his home above a small Norsii village, their shaman, Zhek Askah giving him the name Wyrtgeorn. For a year and a half he dwelt there, becoming rank and filthy, immersed in his own misery. [5a] When Sigmar destroyed the village, a surviving woman fled to his cave and asked him to save her son with her dying breath. [5b] Azazel killed the four men who had pursued the woman, taking up his name and sword again. [5c] The pair watched the enemy ships leave and Azazel told the boy, Morkar he would take him north and teach him to survive. [5c]

He is now a mighty champion of Slaanesh, having pledged his eternal loyalty to the Dark Prince and been granted daemonhood in return. He has become the highest general of Slaanesh's armies and gained the ability to see into the very hearts and souls of mortals, revealing their hidden desires and most perverse pleasures. Few have ever managed to oppose Azazel, as most who set out to challenge him are convinced by his silver tongue to join the Prince of Chaos instead. [1]

Legends tell of Templars of Ulric, zealous men who vowed before the Flame of their god to bring down Azazel or to die trying. Before they could land one blow on Slaanesh's daemonic general, they had been reduced to gibbering imbeciles, slaves to the slightest whim of Azazel and his master. Another tale tells of a Questing Knight called Guido de Brionne who kneeled before the Daemon Prince before he could issue his challenge and had his head cut off while not moving an inch, utterly convinced of the justification of the act.[1]

Weapons and Equipment

  • 5th Edition: Daemonblade. [1]
  • Daemonblade: A magic blade which can not be stopped by mortal armour. [1]




I once called this land home. But I was betrayed and driven out by a man who called me sword-brother. His name is Sigmar and I have come home to kill him.

~ Azazel to Cyfael.[4a]


According to Warhammer Armies: Champions of Chaos (5th Edition), Azazel was once the chief of the Gerreon tribe, one of the twelve great human tribes united by Sigmar.[1] In Graham McNeill's novel Heldenhammer, however, Gerreon was Azazel's mortal name, and he was formerly a member of the Unberogen tribe (Sigmar's own).[3a]


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