Norsca Fleet

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Norsca Fleets are made up of raiding vessels filled with hard fighting Norse warriors. [1a]

As there is little fertile ground for the inhabitants of Norsca, they have often sought food, equipment and treasure by raiding other lands and they are also happy to work as mercenaries for other races. Dragon-headed vessels sail out across and beyond the Sea of Claws, often raiding the coasts of Kislev and the Empire. [1a]

They have built a reputation as both fearless warriors and excellent sailors, having made long voyages to strange lands including the Southlands and Ulthuan. [1a]

Ship Types

Norse vessels are fast and filled with bloodthirsty warriors but seldom have ranged weapons relying on boarding actions. Most have a very shallow draft which means that they can move through very shallow water without fear of grounding . [1a]


The Norse normally scorn the use of cannons or similar weapons, prefering to rely on speed, manoeuvrability and the bloodthirsty warriors aboard their vessels. [2a]




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