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Tar-Eltharin is the language of the Asur (High Elves). Tar-Eltharin is the most pure form of Eltharin (the original Elven language from which all their languages descend), and so is sometimes referred to as just Eltharin, especially by outsiders. In contrast, the Asrai (Wood Elves) speak Fan-Eltharin and the Druchii (Dark Elves) speak Druhir.


Origins and offshoots

Eltharin was developed many millennia ago in a time when humans where still uttering primitive grunts and had yet to develop written language. Much like Khazalid (the Dwarf language), the Eltharin, as spoken by the High Elves, has remained largely unchanged over the eons.

As the Dark Elves and Wood Elves split from the Asur and their languages changed over time, the form of Eltharin spoken by the High Elves came to be known as Tar-Eltharin.

Eltharin itself may have evolved from Anoqeyån, an ancient tongue used solely to shape the Winds of Magic into powerful spells, which is believed to be the closest surviving mortal language to the words spoken by the Old Ones[1].

Apart from Druhir and Fan-Eltharin, Tar-Eltharin's primary offshoot is the Lingua Praestantia, an arcane language developed by Loremaster Teclis when he founded the Colleges of Magic in the Empire.

Understanding Tar-Eltharin

Tar Eltharin is the purest form of Eltharin, bearing the closest resemblance to the language when it was first devised and spoken. Tar-Eltharin is also spoken in a more limited capacity by the nobility of the Druchii, as they are forced as children to learn the language of their ancestors and their hated kin. While all of the Asur speak Tar-Eltharin, the various kingdoms of Ulthuan speak various sub-dialects and have their own peculiar accents (though it is usually only the Elves who can distinguish between these). This was more true in the ancient past than in modern times, when the various accents have merged somewhat.

Tar-Eltharin is based on a series of central (usually somewhat abstract) concepts represented by words called the Asai which are represented in written form by fundamental runes called the Asun. From this set of fundamental concepts, the entirety of Tar-Eltharin comes. There is also a second, extremely numerous lesser set of words; the Onai which serve to give specific meaning to the more fundamental concepts. The Onai are represented by lesser runes called the Onun.

In a manuscript, each rune blends together. To untrained eyes it can seem that one rune miraculously flows into another and some human scholars have even claimed that various Elven writings (regardless of dialect) and individual runes have changed shape before their very eyes. This makes it very hard for humans or Dwarfs (whose writing is very distinct and prominent, and much unlike the flowing Elven script) to decipher Elven writing of any considerable length, even if writing is instantly recognizable as Elven in origin.

The Asun

The Asun are as follows[2]:

Name Meaning
Ahrain Shadows, night, stealth, secrets, perfidiousness
Asur Asuryan, The Eternal Flame, rebirth, Lordship, the Phoenix, the High Elves
Cadaith Grace, power, music of the stars
Caladai The line of Kings, the Dragons of flame
Ceyl Law, order, justice, passion, sword that draws blood
Charoi Strength, ferocity, mane of hair
Cynath Chill, death, silence, loneliness
Cython Lileath, the serpent, wisdom, knowledge, futility
Daroir Remembrance, memory, the strength of stones
Elthrai Doom, hope, inexorable fate
Elui Ending, denial
Harathoi Youth, boundless energy, jealousy
Lacoi Might, glory, fear of death
Lathain Storm, wrath, gently falling rain which brings eternal sleep
Lecai Light, nobility of the soul, lightness of being
Menlui Water, life, majesty, weakness, torrential rain, thunder in the distant mountains
Minaith Skill in arms, spirituality, the Lost Way
Oriour Blood, birth
Quyl-Isha The tears of Isha, sorrow, mercy, endurance, mourning for lost children
Sarathai The rune of the World Dragon, defiance, something that is unyielding
Sariour The moon, magic, fortune, evil deeds, destruction wrought by nature
Saroir Eternity, infinity, the flame of love that burns all it touches
Senlui Swiftness, accuracy
Senthoi Unity, loyalty, broken promise or oath
Sethai Flight, wind, cry in the far mountains
Thalui Hatred, vengeance
Thanan Hidden power, inner strength, indecisiveness
Urithair Destruction, conquest, sacrifice, innocence
Yenlui Balance, harmony, Chaos

Tar-Eltharin Dictionary

These are known Tar-Eltharin words, in alphabetical order. It should be noted that many of these words are common to many languages, particularly those relating to magic, which exist unchanged in the Dark Tongue of Chaos, in the Lingua Praestantia spoken by Imperial Wizards invoking their spells, and in the ancient Elven language Anoqeyån, now only spoken in the incantations of High Mages.Needs Citation

Word Meaning
Aethyr The Winds of Magic, the Realm of Chaos
Aqshy The wind of fire, red
Asai Greater words
Asrai Wood Elves
Asun Greater runes
Asur High Elves
Azyr The wind of the heavens, blue
Cadai Gods of the heavens
Chamon The Wind of metal, yellow, gold
Cytharai Gods of the underworld
Dhar Dark or Chaotic magic
Druchii Dark Elves
Elthin Arvan The Old World
Ghur The wind of beasts, brown, amber
Ghyran The wind of life, green
Hysh The wind of light, white
Mirai The Elven underworld
Onai Lesser words
Onun Lesser runes
Qhaysh High magic
Rhana Dandra The apocalypse
Shyish The wind of death, purple, amethyst
Sith Rionnasc'namithshir "Star Gem of the Sea", An Elven fortress that existed at the mouth of the River Reik, the site of modern day Marienburg in the Wasteland. Destroyed during the War of the Beard.
Ulgu The wind of shadow, grey
Ulthuan The Island home of the Asur

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