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Kroxigor with its great weapon.

The Kroxigors are giant, crocodile-like creatures who tower above the rest of the Lizardmen. A Kroxigor, standing upright, would easily be twice the height of a Saurus Warrior. Their bodies are almost all muscle and they have powerful jaws lined with rows of sharp teeth. They are naturally armoured with tough scales and a thick skull. The Kroxigors are also aquatic and can travel through the marshes and swamps of Lustria at a relentless pace.

Kroxigors were originally created as the Lizardmen's construction slaves. They were the ones who carried the huge blocks of the temple cities into place. However the Kroxigor were never meant to be the smartest of the Old Ones' creations, and so they need directions from their smaller kin.

The Kroxigors are rarely spawned into the world. When they are they come in small numbers and from the same spawning pools as the Skinks.

Notable Kroxigors