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Isha is the Elven Goddess of harvest and of natural bounty, mother of the earth and bringer of fertility. It was she who taught the Elves the skills of agriculture and how to care for the land in which they lived. With Isha's blessing the province of Avelorn remains free of winter's touch. Her husband is Kurnous, the God of the Hunt and she is the daughter of Asuryan and Lileath. She is a merciful god who sends aid to those most in need of it.

Isha is commonly portrayed as a gloriously beautiful elf maiden full of life, with long golden tresses flowing around her. Her symbol is an eye shedding a tear, which represents the tears Isha sheds for her mortal children, for although Elves are very long lived they are not immortal and must someday die. She is worshipped across Ulthuan, but particuarly in Avelorn where farmers give offerings to her temples in the hope of a good harvest. She is also considered one of the chief deities of the Wood Elves due to her connection to nature and her marriage to Kurnous.

The High Elves consider the Everqueen to be the symbol of and most beloved of Isha, while the Wood Elves believe that honour belongs to their queen Ariel. This is a source of contention between the races.

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