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Kostaltyn is the Supreme Patriarch of the Cult of Ursun and the leader of the Grand Orthodoxy of Kislev. [1]

Kostaltyn is known as a demagogue and a force of nature who is certain that the only thing that stands between Kislev and annihilation is faith in the gods. Outsiders often see him seem as wild and even insane but to his followers he is an invulnerable servant of the gods, capable of overcoming any foe. [1]


You might call him a mad old man… and maybe he is. But I saw him lead the charge at the Oblynsk Citadel to drive out the Beastmen. He took a sword to the guts and another to the thigh. It just made him more dangerous, his mace crushing skulls with every swipe. And his followers? By Dazh’s fire, they surged behind him in a howling wave, desperate to fight beside him, desperate for a mere hint of his approval. That fervour, that devotion? That’s real power right there.

~ A Kossar.[1]


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