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Nyvena is a powerful Ungol leader in Kislev. [1a]


He was born in the western reaches of the oblast and leads a band of mounted warriors, Horse archers and some lancers (not winged) and horse archers.

Nyvena has won some notable victories over the forces of Chaos, especially during the Storm of Chaos. A skilled and brave warrior in his own right, he is also a excellent leader of men with and although the Tzarina offered him the rank of druzhina, he turned it down, saying it was a Gospodar rank, and he was of the Ungol. [1a]


Nyvena is loyal to the Tzarina but clearly does not see all his authority as springing from her and neither does anyone else which makes him a possible nexus for discontent and rebellion. Indeed, certain elements of the chekist have urged that he be assassinated, but the Tzarina is reluctant to do so before he becomes a real threat and does not wish to loose his contribution to the defence of the oblast. [1a]

There are however two possibilities that could change her mind - a leader of the Wise Women might throw her weight behind Nyvena as a leader of the Ungols. Secondly Ursun might choose him as high priest as he is a devout follower of the Bear God with a number of priests believing he shows signs of a special blessing. [1a]


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