Miska the Slaughterer

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Khan Queen Miska

Miska, called "the Slaughterer", was the Khan-Queen who led the Gospodars across the High Pass of the Worlds Edge Mountains into the Old World, conquering the native tribes of Ungols.[1b][3a]

In the royal line of Kislev, the greatest Ice Mages are female, and Miska was undoubtedly the most potent sorceress of the age. [1a][2a]


Her father was Radii Bokha. [3a]

In 1494 IC[3a], she led the Gospodar in a huge westward migration from the eastern steppes due to the increasing expansion of the Chaos Wastes. The Khan-Queen was a warrior of great skill and a Ice Witch of unmatched power and her legions of horse warriors combined with her magic scattered the Ungols from the steppe, earning her a place in their nightmares for centuries to come. [1b][3a]

It was Khan-Queen Miska who forged the deadly blade Fearfrost, which continues to be borne by the Tzarinas of Kislev. [1a][2a]

She led a marauding army into the Empire and was only defeated by a coalition of the king of Bretonnia, the Emperor and the Dwarfs. [2a]

Having seen a vision of a terrible future, she gathered her most trusted warriors to her and rode into the Chaos Wastes, leaving her fearsome blade, Fearfrost, to her daughter Shoika who would continue her work and forge Kislev as a nation. Miska was never seen again, but it is said that the Khan-Queen will return in Kislev’s darkest hour to save it from destruction. Some people whisper that she has already done so in the guise of the current Tzarina Katarin. [1b]


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