Petr Ilanovich Chesnekov

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Petr Ilanovich Chesnekov is a Winged Lancer of the Gryphon Legion from Volsgrad in Kislev. [1a]


He is a dashing young man with a impressive moustache and a proud nose. [1a]


Whilst his company was conducting a sweep to deal with Chaos Marauders near the recently besieged city of Praag, he encounter a young woman fighting and killing them. He assisted her with the last enemy and, to the amused speculation of his comrades remained to see if she needed further help. She introduced herself as Ulrika Magdova Nochivnuchka heading for the city where relations could be found. [1a]

She rode with him into Praag but when he went to get them food she dispaeared leaving only a silver coin to pay for a new shirt. [1a]


You have a warrior's heart. Well there are still chances for revenge. Indeed, one of the warlords still lurks in the hills to the north....If you wish to apply to my captain, I will put in a good word in for you. You won't be the first she-Gryphon. The northern families have sent us daughters before.

~ Petr to Ulrika. [1a]


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