Sergei Bukharin

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Sergei Bukharin is a nobleman from Kislev. [1a]


A tall, proud man wearing his hair in long braids threaded with ceramic beads. [1a] He wears the Silver Star, a important Kislevite medal and as a Knight Commander of the Order of the White Wolf he wears a silver wolf pendant around his neck. Sergei seldom wears armour when travelling but instead a tunic with highly embroidered borders, stout breeches, knee length boots and a fur hat. [2a]


Sergei fought the monsters of the northern wastes for the Tzar and won a number of scars in these battles. [1a]

He served as ambassador to the Empire from Tzar Radii Bokha, Overlord of the North to the Empire. Travelling on the riverboat the Emperor Luitpold to Altdorf he had a short romance with the vampire Genevieve Dieudonné. [1a]

In Middenheim he spent time with Natasha Sinnlich who reminded him of an former lover. [3a]


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