Nadyezhda Dochtalika Vdovyn

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Nadyezhda Dochtalika Vdovyn is the High Priest of Manann in Erengrad. [1a]


Storm of Chaos

She performed her duties with great courage during the initial invasion and has been blessed with miraculous powers by her God with even those residents of her home city who have little to do with the sea now regarding her with something approaching awe. As the city rebuilds, she has yet to do anything notable with her growing authority beyond exhorting people to continue to respect her god, but people’s reverence has already increased from its already high level after the war, so she is content for now. [1a]

The temple has started work on a second Temple building next to the first battered survivor, again in the shape of a ship. Since Vdovyn feels it would be blasphemous to do more than repair the old temple, all the money for decoration is spent on the new structure. Other factions in the city do try to enlist her support, but for the most part, they simply try to avoid attracting her opposition, generally by supporting the temple. [1a]


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