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Subotan was the war chief of the Ungols in the time of Sigmar. [1a]


He fought alongside Sigmar at the site of what is now the city of Kislev against the horde of Gortork, a Orc Warboss of the Worlds Edge Mountains, hacking their way through the howling warlord’s bodyguard before Sigmar was finally able to slay him with a mighty blow from Ghal Maraz. [1a]

Following their victory, the two leaders swore a blood oath that should either of their lands be threatened by invaders, they would fight alongside one another again, and although Sigmar himself was never again to personally fight upon the steppe, he sent warriors to Kislev many more times to assist Subotan. Subotan in turn would send forces to aid his new ally and Ungols fought at the Battle of Blackfire Pass. [1a]


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