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Boyarina Evegena Boradin was the elder vampire of the Lahmian Sisterhood in Praag . [1]


Evegana dressed in fur over a elegant dress of antique design, her face was cold and proud with painted on eyebrows and white make up that covered her wrinkles. She often carried a ivory fan which she used to make points. [1a]


Evegena travelled to Praag at the command of her queen and became the consort of the vampire Konstantin Kiraly who considered the city his domain. During the Great War against Chaos, he set out to defend his lands for the Chaos horde but was beheaded in his tent by Evegena who took control over the domain on behalf of the Sisterhood. [1c]

She ruled the Lahmian vampires of Praag for the next two hundred years. [1b]

After the lifting of the Siege of Praag, she disturbed by the violent activities of an unknown vampire in her city, she confronted Ulrika Magdova to demand an explanation. When she refused to join her or leave the city, she ordered her killed but Ulrika escaped. [1b] Ulrika later returned seeking an audience and requesting to enter her service, but also warning her against a rising cult of Slaanesh and asking for the Boyarina to act against it. Evegena was reluctant to do so, fearing exposure but was persuaded by Galiana. She took a blood vow from the young vampire, binding her lightly to her before dispatching her with Raiza to act against the cult. [1d]

Blood Children


  • Severin: Her majordomo, a ermine clad giant of a man with square cut white beard. [1d]


Everything that occurs in Praag is my business. I am Boyarina Evgena Boradin. I rule here by order of the Queen of the Silver Mountain, and all of the blood who abide here do so at my sufferance. I will have answers, or Raiza will have your head .....I cannot allow a vampire who has not sworn fealty to me to go free in my domain. You have three choices, girl. Accept me as your mistress, leave Praag immediately or be destroyed here and now. Which do you choose?

~Evegena to Ulrika Magdova .[1b]


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