Trained Bears

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Bears are regarded as sacred to the Kislevites, the very symbol of the cult of Ursun. Their temples to Ulric often include enclosures with bear pits where many bears are kept. In times of peril it is supposed that these bears will protect the people by way of the templekeepers driving the bears out to fight the enemies of Kislev.[1] More trained bears will often be used as mounts for Kislevite nobles such as Boyars and Druzhinas. Tzar Boris Ursus himself rode a bear, Urskin, that he tamed himself.[2]

There are also bears who are specifically trained for combat by men who train and use bears in combat for a trade, known simply as "Bear Handlers". It can take years for a human to win their trust and obedience, but the effort to train one is well worth it. Once bears reach this stage they prove themselves many times over as loyal friends and useful allies in bad situations.[3]


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