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Raiza was a Vampire who was created by and served Evegena Boradin in Praag . [1]


A lean blonde woman with a hard, hawk like face in a fur hat and a long coat, tucked into the rad sash belt around her waist are several daggers. [1a][1b]


During the Great War against Chaos her husband was killed fighting the invaders and when her brothers next rode to war, she donned his armour and went with them. She fought with the defenders of Praag during the siege and later helped defend the house of Evegena from looters, but her siblings were killed and she was mortally wounded in the process. Evegena gave her the Dark Kiss and she served her for the rest of her unlife. [1e]

After the lifting of the Siege of Praag, her mistress was disturbed by the violent activities of an unknown vampire in her city, she confronted Ulrika Magdova to demand an explanation. When she refused to join her or leave the city, she ordered Raiza to kill her but Ulrika escaped. [1b] Later and despite her warnings against accepting her, Ulriak was allowed to pledge her service to Evegena and the pair were sent to investigate the cult, a fur merchant called Romo Yeshenko, following him and his abrasive wife [1c] to a cult meeting where girls were being sacrificed to Slaanesh led by a hunch backed figure. As they followed him via the rooftops a shadowy figure flung a onyx dagger at them, it would have hit Raiza in the heart if Ulrika had not pushed her aside but it still struck her arm and drained part of her life energy into the shard. Her left hand and arm withered and became useless. [1d]

The wound would not heal and she was forced to amputate the arm below the elbow, but was still capable or matching Ulrika in a subsequent fencing lesson. [1e] When Ulrika came to the mansion of her mistress to plead her case, she had a jointed steel gauntlet mounetd on the stump of her left arm. Although Ulrika nearly convinced Evegena to act against the cult, the mansion was suddenly atatcked by a large force from the same cult led by the Norse mutant Jodis. Evegena and Galiana were overcome by powerful magic and soon only Raiza and Ulrika remianed to defend them. As they fought, Kiraly arrived and threw another Blood Shard at Raiza which she knocked aside, but was then stabbed in the ribs with a silvered dagger - the second thrown shard she was unable to parry and it took in the heart, reducing her to a slack skinned skeleton in an instant. [1f]


She was a highly talented swordswoman, impressing Ulrika with her skill at arms. [1b]

Weapons and Equipment

She carried a Kossar Sabre and various daggers. [1a]


Accept the boyarinas offer and we will duel every night

~Raiza to Ulrika Magdova .[1b]


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