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Tetto'eko is a Skink Astromancer. [1a]

He is the Chief Astromancer of the Temple of the Eclipse in Tlaxtlan proclaimed by the Mage Priests as having the blessing of Tepok. [1c]


In 2465 IC Tetto'eko defeats the greenskins of the Tarantula Coast after a ten year campaign [1b] at the Battle of Blackswamp. [2a]

He foretold the return of the Skaven to Quetza in 2489 IC and when no Slann could be awakened he led an army to confront them. On arrival he gave orders to deploy shortly before the ratmen erupted from tunnels nearby. The battle raged on until the Chaos moon was eclipsed by the true moon, a portent of victory for the Lizardmen. [1a][1b]

Teto'eko successfully predicted and countered the skaven plans many times during the battle and eventually resorted to conjuring a comet to fall upon the ruined city shattering the tunnels beneath and crushing the hordes of skaven hiding within them. The surviving Skaven were slaughtered or driven into the jungle to be devoured but the extent of the tunnel system that had been crafted across the world was not revealed to Tett'eko who warned that the war had just begun. [1a][1b]

Weapons and Equipment

Following his victory on the Tarantula Coast he was gifted with a throne such as the Slann use. [1b]

  • 8th Edition: Eye of the Old Ones, Hand Weapon, Palanquin of Constellations, Stellar Staff. [1d]
  • Eye of the Old Ones: [1c]
  • Palanquin of Constellations:. [1c]
  • Stellar Staff: A mystical orrery which can be used to alter the path of comets. [1c]



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