Ikit Claw

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Ikit Claw

Ikit Claw is the infamous Chief Warlock of Clan Skryre, the right hand and emissary of Lord Warlock Morskittar, one of the Lords of Decay.[2b]


Like many powerful skaven, Ikit has quite a few including: Master of the Warpstorm, Flayer of Forgemaster Gharhakk Bloodtongue, Butcher of Chicomecoatl, Gutter of Jarl Alfhild Daemonkin, Burner of Magister Klaus von Doenhoff, Razer of Helwigstadt. [2c]


Ikit Claw has dedicated his life to the study of Magic, be it of Human, Elf or otherwise. He has journeyed to many places in the decades leading up the Second Skaven Civil War, including Cathay, the burial vaults of Vorshgar in northern Naggaroth, the island of Albion in search of the magic of the Old Ones and Lustria to visit the ancient and monolithic ruins which have stood for millenia. The knowledge Ikit Claw gained from his journeys around the world allowed him to create a tome of the spells of the civilised world. [1a]


Long ago, Ikit's arm and face were badly burned in an accident and he lost a lot of his fur. To conceal this he has created a mask and skeletal claw to cover his face and iron, crystal and brass strengthens his arm. [1a] He wears a warp generator powered exo-skeleton. [4b]


Once he returned to Skavenblight, he found the Lords of Decay close to the edge of civil war after the failure of Clan Pestilens Red Pox on Bretonnia. He quickly heard that Lord Morskittar had retreated to the Clan Skryre quarter of Skavenblight and was awaiting the downfall. Sure enough, Clan Pestilens attempted to force control of the Council of Thirteen and the fighting spilled out into the streets. Lord Morskittar sent Ikit Claw with his Warlock Engineers to the temple where Ikit slew all who opposed him because of his amazing control over magic. He managed to secure the temple with an iron grip and Morskittar announced himself as the ruler of the Skaven, although fighting had already spilled out into the rest of the Under-Empire and no one was listening any more. [1a]

Morskittar ruled Skavenblight for centuries, driving out the other clans from the tunnels and other quarters of the city while invoking great magical feats, which Ikit Claw used to enhance his already prodigious abilities. It was this which allowed him to sense the oncoming tide of Chaos in the Second War against Chaos and to allow Clan Skryre to prepare for the announcement by the Grey Seers of their intention to invoke the Horned Rat and end the civil war.[1a]

He brought back a Liche Priest from the Lands of the Dead, torturing him for the secrets of necromancy and leaving the burrow of Spitespittle haunted by its spirit. At Grabkeep warren he had a sorcereous duel with the wizard Nostramus after he stole the mages scrying stone, he even visited the lands of the Chaos Dwarfs to learn their magical secrets. [2b]

Kraka Drak was raided by him, looking for Dwarf engineers to enslave and build a Doomsphere under Karak Azul hoping to destroy every Dwarf Hold in the Worlds Edge Mountains. He was confronted there by Klarak Bronzehammer and his companions, the machines steel shell proving not be strong enough and it is destroyed. [2d]

Dscovering that Bronzehammer has created a new metal, Barazhunk [2d] Ikit intercepts an expedition to Bonestash led by the Warlock Engineer Kaskitt Steelgrin and kills him, claiming the remaining Skryre forces and the Grey Seers Thanquol and Skraekual‎. [2a] He took great delight in informing Thanqoul that his new Boneripper had a safety valve that prevented it from attacking any of Clan Skryre. The Chief Warlock had brought large amounts of equipment as well as minions and quickly too over the burrow. [2b] He also dispatches minions to salvage any barazhunk beams from the mine workings so he can reuse them on his new Doomsphere. [2d]

In 2515 IC he was dispatched by Morskittar to retrieve a baroque bell cast centuries ago from a meteroic iron found in the fragment of a comet in the town of Blüdhof. This led to the Battle for Blüdhof. [5a]

End Times


Like all other members of Clan Skryre, Ikit Claw enjoys tinkering with machines and magic and, with his latest invention the Warp-lightning Cannon[3], he has been successful in several campaigns against Dwarfs, Orcs and Humans alike.


  • 4th Edition: Due to his extensive studies of magic, Ikit may use any Lore of Magic except Waaagh Magic. [1a]
  • 7th Edition: Skaven Spells of Ruin. [4b]

Weapons and Equipment

While primarily an aid to movement, his claw contains a small Warpfire Projector and bears Storm-daemon, a sword which he created in his own forges deep in the Under-City of pure warpstone. [1a]

  • 4th Edition: Ikit's Claw, Poisoned Wind Globes, Special Warplock Pistol, Storm-daemon, Sword. May take three Magic Items plus Storm-Daemon. [1a]
  • 7th Edition: Iron Frame, Storm Daemon, Warplock Pistol. [4c]
  • Ikit's Claw:: Includes a built in warpfire projector with limited fuel and enhances his strength in combat. [1a][4b]
  • Iron Frame: His exo-skeleton grants him formidable strength. [4b]
  • Special Warplock Pistol: More powerful than a conventional warplock pistol. [1a]
  • Storm-daemon: A large halberd like weapon with copper coils and chunks of warpstone that crackles with energy and empowers Ikit in combat. [1a][4b]


Yes-yes. The essence of the warpstone feeds my machine. To create, one must-must destroy! To destroy, one must-must create! This will-will be great-best invention! Make-force all skaven bow-grovel! Destroy-kill all-all enemies!

~ Ikit Claw .[2d]


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