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The Leshy, also known as Lords of the Forest are Ancient Spirits of the Forest in Kislev.[1a]

Vain and powerful, they are the strongest of the Ancient Spirits but hate the gods, seeing them as presumptous upstarts. [1a]

A Leshy loves to drink and is very generous when under the influence, but even getting one slighty tipsy takes ten gallons of wine! They also enjoy gambling, but they are notoriously bad losers. [1a]


They often take the form of huge bears, standing some 20-40ft in height but with green hair, goats horns and feet and wearing a sheepskin cloak. When fighting rival Leshy over territory, they often take the form of whirlwinds and storms. [1a]

Father Bear

A Leshy is accompanied by a large bear, capable of speech and which flatters and amuses the Leshy. [1a]


  • Always ask permission to bring domestic animals into their domain. [1a]
  • Be fulsome in your praise for the Lord of the Forest. [1a]


They have a wide range of drudic, elemental and illusionary magic and can also allow Father Bear to use them as they wish. [1a]


Lord, permit your servant passage on an errand of little importance. Your power is exceeded only by your generosity and gracious hospitality.

~ The best way to address a Leshy.[1a]


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