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Close-combat weapons


A axe is a weapon with a large blade at the end of a pole, or rod. Dwarfs seem to rather like them and frequently use axes.


A Choppa is a large, brutish weapon which relies on the brutish force of the user rather than a sharp edge. Only Orcs are able to use Choppas, though it is noted that Black Orcs carry many types of choppas.


A halberd is a heavy bladed weapon mounted on a long shaft. The steel blade incorperates the heavy cutting edge of an axe, and a point like a spear. This makes it a versatile weapon, as it can be used to chop and thrust. It allows the user to make stronger blows than an ordinary sword, but it is not as heavy and cumbersome as a Great weapon, or as tiring to use as a flail.


A spear is basically a short blade on top of a long stick, it has a long reach and is a very effective weapon against cavalry who charge directly at the warrior who is holding a spear.


A shield is often used as a weapon, used to punch an opponent and to slam him away.


Range weapons


Blowpipes are a weapon unique to the Skinks . The blowpipe uses darts tipped with lethal venom which can bring down the toughest of foes.1 p49 The most skilled users of blowpipes are the Chameleon Skinks, who use the venom of the Lustrian tree frog - a creature so poisonous that only the Chameleon Skinks can catch it. They also are unerringly accurate - able to send darts through the gaps in armor plates and through the eye holes in helmets.1 p51


The Blunderbuss is a type of handgun that shoots a large "cloud" of assorted ammunition, rather than a single bullet. A surprisingly common black-powder weapon, even in the more rural areas of the Empire, this weapon can be loaded with a large assortment of ammunition, ranging from the standard(lead or iron pellets), to the exotic(lengths of chain to flammable liquids)or improvised(broken glass, rusty nails, rocks, etc).

Interestingly the Chaos Dwarfs seem to use this weapon as a standard weapon among their warriors to concentrate the singular blasts of the soldiers to a devastating volley.


Javelins are light spears which are too flimsy to be used in combat, but are perfect for throwing. A soldier armed with javelins usually carries several to last them through the battle. As javelins have a short range compared to other missile weapons they are relatively rare.1 p57 Probably the most common users of javelins are the Skinks, who often use javelins coated with lethal poisons collected from jungle creatures.2 p50


  • Short-bows are small short-ranged bows. Some cavalry also carry a short-bow because it's easier to shoot from horseback.
Races that favour Short-bows are: Skinks, Beastmen, Ungor Raiders, some Humans and most of all, Goblins.
  • Bows
  • Longbow

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