Empire Archer

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Empire Archers, or Huntsmen, as they are often called, are an irregular band of hunters and trappers that usually band together to form their own regiment of scouts and support units. The Empire is famous for its State Troops, armies of professional soldiers ready to answer the call to arms at any given time. Included in these disciplined forces are the Empire Archers. Archers are adaptable troops and fight in a loose skirmish screen to help support their armies on the field of battle. The northern provinces of the Empire are famous for their bowmen and tend to have a high proportion of Archers in their armies.

These archers or huntsmen are masters of the wilderness that they have lived all their lives in, skilled in the practice of tracking and hunting from which they use to help patrol the forests surrounding their homes. Armed with little more than a bow and their wits, these grim warriors are adept at luring their quarry into lethal ambushes, where the full might of an Imperial Army can easily exploit and utterly destroy the Empire's foes.


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