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Fridleifr was the son of Freya, the warrior Queen of the Asoborns tribe and Sigmar. [1a]

Unlike his gentle brother, he was a born warrior who loved to fight and was skilled in the use of axe and sword, being happiest whilst in battle. [1c]


A tall blonde haired warrior with broad shoulders. [1a]


He and his twin brother, Sigulf rode out to their first battle and made their first kills at the age of ten [1a] with Fridleifr also building a reputation as a fist fighter. [1c]

Whilst their mother took her army to fight the undead, the brothers were left in the care of Maedbh. [1b] After the disaster of the Battle of River Aver, they fought at the Last Stand of the Asoborn, Sigulf wielding his sword with furious passion. [1d]

Weapons and Equipment

Each brother wielded a sword exquisitely crafted by their Dwarf allies. [1d]


They'll try to kill us, but I won't be dying today, and neither will you little brother. These are Asoborn lands and we are the sons of a warrior queen.

~ Fridleifr to Sigulf. [1c]


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