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Conn Carsten was a war leader of the Udoses in the time of Sigmar [1a] and later a Count of the newly formed Empire. [2b]


He had a brooding countenance with a trimmed silver beard and hair and where his warriors were bellicose he was quiet, ill-suited to conversation. [2b]


Following the brutal campaign of vengeance led by Sigmar against the Roppsmenn, the remaining clan lords of the Udoses fought one another for the title of Count, but when the Norsii invaded once more they united under Carsten. He proved a canny tactician and delayed the enemy advance whilst Sigmar raised an army. [1a]

After the defeat of Sigmar's army at the Battle of the Northern Ridge, he retreated to Middenheim and initially defended the eastern wall as the Siege of Middenheim began. The first assaults were driven back by the Udose warriors, but the a Bray Shaman unleashed a spell which transformed the Gallis into beasts who turned on the rest of the tribe, shattering the defence. [1b]

He and a hundred Udose warriors sailed with Sigmar against the Norsii, seeking Gerreon marching with the Unberogen when they returned to Reikdorf. [1b] There he was finally confirmed as the Count of the Odose. [2b]


I have buried three wives and six children in my life. I once believed that I could have it all, the life of a warrior with its glory and battles, with a loving wife and family to come back to. But it is impossible. You of all people should know that.

~ Conn to Sigmar.[2c]


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