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Myrsa was a Warrior Eternal of the Teutogens tribe [1a] and later Count of Middenheim. [2a]


He had red hair and wore pure white armour with a great wolfskin cloak that hung from his shoulders. [1a]


Together with his sword-brother Kristof, he fought Beastmen, greenskins and Norsii in the Middle Mountains. [2d]

When Sigmar arrived at the Fauschlag with his army he rode out to order him to leave or face death warning that the fortress city was impregnable and that his army would be broken against its walls. Sigmar retorted that he would climb up and drag Artur out from wherever he was hiding. [1a]

After Artur was killed by Sigmar, he reluctantly became the leader of the Teutogens. [1b]

In 3 IC the Necromancer Morath began to raise the dead near Middenheim, taking the title of Lord of Brass Keep. [2b] Myrsa accompanied Count Pendrag and Sigmar as they led 600 warriors to locate Morath and his stronghold. [2c]

There he fought the hordes of the dead including the animated corpse of Kristof who nearly killed him, but Sigmar saved him, gifting him with a bronze pendant of Morr, once given to him by his father. [2d]

He passed the duty of Warrior Eternal to Renweard, as he could not fulfill that role as well as being Count of the city. [3a]


I am no king and do not wish to be one. I am charged with leading the warriors of the Fauschlag, but I am forced to delegate command more and more often as the business of running Middenheim consumes my every waking moment. It is a nightmare. my friends, a living nightmare. I am a fighter, not a ruler!

~ Myrsa to Wolfgart and Pendrag.[2a]


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