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Markus Gothii was the king of the Menogoths in the time of Sigmar and later a vampire. [1b]


Shaven headed with suspicious eyes and a lean physique. [1b]


He was married with a wife, a son (Vartan Gothii) and a daughter. [3a]


When Sigmar sought to unite the tribes, Siggurd of the Brigundians pledged that not only his tribe but the Menogoths and the Merogens would join if he slew the Dragon Ogre Skaranorak. [1a] A week after the monster was slain, the four kings - Sigmar, Siggurd, Henroth and Markus swore an oath over the tusks of Skaranorak. [1b]

Following the Battle of Black Fire Pass he led his remaining warriors to try and recapture their lands devestated by the greenskins but also had to contend with the dead rising from their tombs. [2a]

As he, his familiy and people gathered to bury his family the ceremony was interupted by the vampire Khaled al-Muntasir who killed the Count's Sword Champion Wenian before Markus ordered the Bloodspears to attack him. Krell jumped into the battle and slaughtered all of the elite warriors before doing the same to the remaining warriors. Khaled forced Markus to watch, telling him that all he loved would die and be raised again to serve the Great Necromancer. [3a]


Khaled turned him with the blood-kiss , enjoying the effect that it would have on his people seeing their lord as a blood-drinker. [3b]


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