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Markus is a Soulblight vampire and a Restful Brother of the Order of Final Rest [1]

He was the spokesman for the Order when a caravan of pilgrims from Morrsend led by Gerot and Aisha arrived, having been saved by Stormcast Eternals and Mannfred von Carstein. [1]

Like the other Seventy Seven brothers he was sent into a frenzy by the blood spilled in the subsequent assault on the temple by the Bloodbound and transformed into a Varghulf to chase the chaos warriors into the desert. [1]


Tall and very thin, his face has the look of a skull, his skin stretched very tightly across it. [1]


The tithe is …… acceptable, my friends. And we thank you for the gift we have received. Wait out the storm’s fury, or stay as long as you wish. There is water in the temple storerooms and what we have is yours.