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Krugar was king and later Count of the Taleuten tribe during the time of Sigmar. [1a]


A giant of a man with a wild beard, his cheeks and neck bore red and gold tattoos and he had the bow-legged stance of a veteran horseman. [2a]


After the Norsii invaded with a large army, he dispatched Notker as his emmisary to King Björn seeking his warriors to join with his own and those of King Aloysis of the Cherusens against the northerners. [1a]

He rode into battle with the Red Scythes, elite lancers and they broke the Orc line at the Battle of the Aver. [2a]

Following the Battle of Black Fire Pass, he feuded with King Aloysis of the Cherusens [2a] until Sigmar forbade it lest he make war on them both! [2b] Sigmar summoned him on his return from the campaign of vengeance against the Roppsmenn and he travelled to Reikdorf, visiting Queen Freya on the way. [2c] However Sigmar revealed that Count Aloysis was already a prisoner and Krugar would join him to await execution for disobeying his orders to stop fighting each other.[2d]

As the dead began to rise across the new Empire, Krugar and his rival Aloysis sent to Sigmar for aid, the three initally gathering forces for the Battle of Ostengard. [3a] During the battle, he led his Red Scythes to flank the enemy and charged them from the rear, throwing his sword to impale the Wight King leading them, a maneuvere he claimed to have perfected. [3b]

Weapons and Equipment

He wore intricately carved scale armour and the sabre Utensjarl [2a] which was bathed in the sacred fire of Ulric following the Siege of Middenheim. [3b]


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