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Aldred was the King of the Endal tribe prior to to the formation of the Empire. [1a]


He was the son of King Marbad [1a] and had a brother, Egil and sister Marika. [2b]


King Marbad and Aldred led their warriors at the Battle of Black Fire Pass where despite his sons protests, Marbad rode with his best warriors to where Sigmar was fighting on the hard pressed right flank. [1a]

Although he attended the coronation of Sigmar as the first Emperor, he stood aloof and commanded his men not to partake of any strong drink. [2a]

As the Fimir grew powerful once more in the marshes near to his capital, his brother fell ill as did hundreds of his people. Later when Sigmar travelled to Marburg he recieved him with his sister and the priest of the Old Faith, Idris Gwylt who had told him that the mist daemons had to be appeased by sacrifice, so the land could heal. [2b] The next morning, Aldred, escorted by twenty Raven Helms rode into the marshes with the priest and Marika. [2c]

When he returned, he was confronted by Sigmar, Wolfgart and Redwane who demanded to know what had become of Marika. Aldred admitted that his brother was dead and they had left her with the Fimir on the advice of Idris. Sigmar persuaded him to ride back into the mists with his men and rescue her. [2d] They fought the mist-daemons and killed their Queen at which point the land began to solidify once more. Victorious and with his sister safe, Aldred tended Sigmars wounds and pledged his friendship to the Emperor. [2e]

In the summer of 1 IC, Sigmar called for a great muster against Marius of the Jutones and with their allies, he marched on him with a combined force of around 10,000 warriors, Aldred and Laredus leading the Raven Helms to join him. [2f]

He rode with his sister Marika to the aid of Sigmar who was being besieged at Middenheim, arriving in time to slaughter the fleeing Norsii. [2g]

When Count Marius came to Marburg with the remnants of his people following the fall of Jutonsryk, Marika welcomed the refugees, reminding her brother he still owed her and it was better to be known as a man of mercy rather than a murderer. [3a] A fleet of the dead attacked Marburg, he helped lead the defence wielding Ulfshard, killing one of the Necromancers animating the horde but became trapped by the dead when a Zombie Dragon and its rider joined the fray, a Spirit host confronting him and his Raven Helms. [3b] To his great surprise he was rescued by Marius and his lancers but he also noted his sisters seemed disapointed in his safe return to the citadel. [3c]


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