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Marika was the sister of King and later Count Aldred of the Endal in the time of Sigmar. [1b]


As a teenager she was thin, blonde and pretty but had an unhealthy pallor when she first met Sigmar in 1 IC.[1a] She favoured a fragrant oil that smelled like wildflowers. [1a]


Marika was the daughter of King Marbad [1a] and had two brothers, Aldred and Egil. [1b] Her lady in waitiing was Eloise. [2a]


She was born around -15 IC and [1a] as a child she was told that she would give birth to a king who would rule a united city of great wealth. [2a]

On her fifteenth birthday, her father gave a magical bow made by the fey folk across the ocean. [2e]

Marika recieved Sigmar with Aldred and Idris Gwylt who had told them that they must offer the Fimir their most valued treasure to save the land. [1b] The next morning, Aldred, escorted by twenty Raven Helms rode into the marshes with the priest and Marika, [1c] who had accepted that the land needed to be nourished by a virgin's blood. [1d]

She was given to the Fimir as a sacrifice but Sigmar and his retinue rode into the mists with her brother to save her from the mist-daemons and as the Queen sought to touch her, it recoiled in disgust. [1e] After his wounds had been tended to by Marika who pledged to nurse him herself in Marburg, Redwane told Sigmar she was no virgin. [1f] As she tended to him in subsequent days, Sigmar ensured that Cradoc acted as a chaperone with the couple. [1g]

Later she rode with her brother Aldred to the aid of Sigmar who was being besieged at Middenheim, arriving in time to slaughter the fleeing Norsii. [1h] She met and was attracted to Count Marius in the aftermath. [2b]

When Marius came to Marburg with the remnants of his people following the fall of Jutonsryk, she welcomed the refugees, reminding her brother he still owed her and it was better to be known as a man of mercy rather than a murderer. [2b] She takes Marius as a lover, noting that should her brother sadly die and he married her they would rule together. [2c]

When a fleet of the dead attacked Marburg, she joined the defence, firing arrows from her magical bow, finding that she enjoyed the experience. [2d] She was annoyed with Marius that he had not let her brother die but he explained that saving his life, he was seen as a sword-brother to Aldred by her people. [2f]

As Aldred and Marius fought a Necromancer mounted on a Zombie Dragon, she joined the fight, impaling the enemy wizard with magically energised arrows. Marius took advantage of the distraction to grab Ulfshard from the mortally wounded Aldred and cut off the dragons head, swiftly followed by the necromancer's. [2g]

A month after the defeat of Nagash at the Battle of the River Reik, she and Marius were married with Sigmar gifting the couple with a pair of golden sceptres and his blessing. [2h]

Weapons and Equipment

At the Siege of Middenheim she rode a black horse, wore gleaming black armour and unleashed arrows from her longbow. [1h]

  • Marika's Bow: Made from a wood unknown to humams and inlaid with silver threads that changed with the seasons. Arrows shot from it are magically energised and can release unquiet spirits from Necromantic servitude. [2e]


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