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Marius was the king of Jutones tribe. [1a]

He was considered by Marbad a canny war leader [1a] although one of his courtiers also remarked that his love of gold was a match for a Dwarf's love of the metal. Marius considered it an astute remark but had him whipped to death regardless. [2e]


He was handsome with long blonde hair. [2b]


Marius was defeated by Artur of the Teutogens in their first battle who then built a dozen stone towers to act as secure bases for their warriors and drove the Jutones south to the estuary of the Reik river and into the lands of the Endals. [1a]

His new capital of Jutonsryk became a trading hub and Marius spent considerable time and money building up the defences. [2a]

Sigmar sent emissaries to him seeking aid against the massive greenskin horde gathering east of Black Fire Pass, but all were rebuffed. Finally Marius sent Esterhuysen as an ambassador with a elf bow as a present but his regrets that he could spare no warriors. This enraged Sigmar, who broke the artefact over his knee and told Esterhuysen that there would be a reckoning once the orcs were defeated. [1b]

In 1 IC Sigmar arrived withe a large army and began the Siege of Jutonsryk [2a] which would continue for several years. Finally in the winter of 3 IC, Sigmar launched a final assault on the breached walls and Marius led his elite lancers into battle facing the new Emperor himself. Marius killed Sigmar's horse but the Emperor responded in kind and prepared to finish him with Ghal-Maraz despite Marius asking for mercy but Count Otwin intervened until Sigmar's blood lust faded. [2b]

Sigmar again offered Marius the chance to join his new Empire, but he refused until Sigmar offered him his hammer and placed his life in Marius's hand. This time Marius accepted and they pledged together on Ghal-Maraz that there would be one land, one people. [2c] Although huge levies were inflicted on him after the siege, his treasure vaults remained full of gold. [2e]

He was part of Sigmar's army at the Battle of the Northern Ridge and his lancers and mercenary crossbowman were vital in preventing the retreat turning into a rout. [2d] At the subsequent Siege of Middenheim, he defended the western wall, initially slaughtering the attackers with volleys of crossbow bolts. Sorcery ensnared all of his men, giving them visions of riches, but he was protected by his magical blade - as he shouted at his men, he was stabbed by his aide Bastiaan. [2e] Following the siege, he forbade any of his aides to be armed in his presence. [3a]

When Tilean sailors from the Myrmidia's Spear claimed to have been attacked by a huge fleet manned by the dead, he dismissed their claims and impounded the vessel until their docking taxes were paid. [3b]

Marius was forced to flee to Marburg with the remnants of his people following the fall of Jutonsryk to the dead of Nagash but was welcomed by Marika who reminded her brother he still owed her and it was better to be known as a man of mercy rather than a murderer. [4a] The princess took Marius as a lover, noting that should her brother sadly die and he married her they would rule together. [4b]

When the fleet of the dead attacked Marburg, she joined the defence, firing arrows from her magical bow, finding that she enjoyed the experience. [4c] She was annoyed with Marius that he had not let her brother die but he explained that saving his life, he was seen as a sword-brother to Aldred by her people. [4d]

At the height of the siege, he and Aldred were attacked by a Zombie Dragon ridden by a Necromancer and although many of their warriors were slain by its pestilent breath, their magical blades protected them, although Marius's blade was destroyed as it shielded its master from Necromantic magic. Marika joined the battle, impaling the Necromancer with magically energised arrows and Marius took advantage of the distraction to grab Ulfshard from the mortally wounded Aldred and cut off the dragons head, swiftly followed by the necromancer. [4e]

A month after the defeat of Nagash at the Battle of the River Reik, Marius and Marika were married with Sigmar gifting the couple a pair golden sceptres and his blessing. [4f]

Weapons and Equipment

At the siege of Jutonsryk he rode a huge black horse with mail barding, whilst he was clad in golden armour and wielded a curved sword which shimmered with blue-green light [2b] but it was destroyed in the siege of Marburg but replaced it with Ulfshard. [4e]

  • Cathayan Blade: His sword was forged around -1000 IC by wizards of the Celestial Tower of the Divine Dragon. [4e]
  • Ulfshard: Extremely powerful magical blade forged by the Elves. [4e]


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