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Cuthwin was a Unberogen scout. [1a]


Whilst travelling, he found a small Dwarf caravan under attack by Goblin Wolf Riders and went to their aid. [1b] By the time the Goblins had been killed or driven off, only a single wounded Dwarf still lived, [1c] Grindan Deeplock, an engineer from Zhufbar. [1d]

They fled through the forest, seeking safety, Cuthwin leaving traps which killed several wolves. [1d] Finally he managed to get them both to Reikdorf where Grindan was treated by the healer Elswyth but she could not save him. Before he died however, Grindan told Cuthwin that if he told his tale to the Deeplock clan he would Umgilok - A man worth of praise. [1f]

He led Alfgeir and twenty knights to the ambush site [1g] where they recovered the Thunder Bringer from its hiding place as Grindan had asked them to do. [1h]

At the Battle of the River Reik he rode in the chariot of Maedbh with her daughter Ulrike using their blessed arrows against the dead. [1i]

Months later he joined the expedition to track down and destroy Krell. [2a]

Weapons and Equipment

His bow had been blessed by a priest of Taal and was a magnificent weapon of ash and yew inlaid with lacquered strips of rowen. [1a] Later he was given an arrowhead blessed by a priestess of Morr which he hoped to use against Krell. [2b]


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