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Adelhard was the king of the Ostagoths tribe in the time of Sigmar. [1a]


His people were attacked by a vast horde of Orcs & Goblins, sacking settlements and slaughtering all with the forces that Adelhard mustered simply swept aside by the greemskins. Rallying all he could muster he dispatched Galin Veneva and all the remaining non-combatants to seek shelter with and aid from King Sigmar and the Unberogens. He also gave Galin Ostvarath, the ancient sword of the ostagoth kings to make a sword-oath with which Sigmar accepted but returned to Galin as Adelhard would have need of it in the future. [1a]

He was part of Sigmar's campaign of vengeance against the Roppsmenn. [2a]

Later he marched to the aid of Sigmar who was being besieged at Middenheim, arriving in time to slaughter the fleeing Norsii. [2b]

Following the Siege of Middenheim and the campaign against the Norsii, Freya and Adelhard noted and warned Sigmar of increasing greenskin activity in the Worlds Edge Mountains, Beastmen in the south and bandits and reavers in the north. [3a]


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