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Artur was the king of Teutogens tribe. [1a]


A handsome man with a weathered face, a braided forked beard and dark hair threaded with silver. [1c]


His wife and sons died before him. [1c]


Artur enlisted the aid of the Dwarfs to tunnel up through the Fauschlag Rock, creating a settlement atop it. [1a]

Artur is gifted with the Dragon Sword of Caledfwlch by a Shaman in -47 IC, defeating the Liche-Thing Babrakkos with it in -42 IC, but when it returns again he creates the role Warrior Eternal to reward the leader of the White Wolf riders who destroy it. He is crowned king in -17 IC. [2a]

He defeated Marius, King of the Jutones in their first battle, building a dozen stone towers to act as secure bases for his warriors and driving their rivals south to the estuary of the Reik river. [1a]

Sigmar travelled to the Fauschlag, demanding that Artur face him and account for the brutal raids on Unberogens and when he refused, he climbed the rock and confronted him before the flame of Ulric itself. The two fought before the fire, Artur clad in his Dwarf forged armour and with his magical blade proving a match for the younger king but after Sigmar moved through the fire he was newly invigorated and this time when their weapons clashed, the sword was shattered. Ghal Maraz continued on to crush the helm and skull of Artur. [1c]

Weapons and Equipment

  • Dragon Sword of Caledfwlch: A shimmering silver blade made for Artur from a lightning bolt frozen by the breath of a ice Dragon. [1c]
  • Dwarf Armour: Beautifully crafted plate and mail forged by the Dwarfs that was able to resist multiple blows from Ghal-maraz. [1c]


You are at the very limits of your endurance and you think you can best me? You are nothing but a beardless boy, and I am a king

~ Artur to Sigmar. [1c]


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