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Freya was the warrior Queen of the Asoborns tribe. [1a]

Like Otwin, she found it hard to she her title and no-one dared call her a Count. [3a]


Tall and beautiful with copper coloured hair, [1a] she wore a cloak of shimmering bronze mail and scented oil on her skin and hair. [1d]


She had two sons by Sigmar, Fridleifr and Sigulf. [4a]


She had agreed to join the Unberogen's in their war against the Bloody Knife Tribe of greenskins, the price for the assistance of her warriors being that King Björn join her in her bed. [1b]

Queen Freya travelled to Reikdorf after the death of King Björn for his funeral, arriving in a procession of chariots and planted her trident in the earth before Sigmar. She then pulled him forward, kissed him and grabbed him between the legs to test the strength of his loins. [1a]

After defeating the Norsii and Artur of the Teutogens, Sigmar travelled to her with many gifts. [1c] She accepted the dwarf-made weapons and armour as well as the stud horses that Wolfgart had brought and then took Sigmar to her bed, giving him potions to pre-long their love play. [1e]

At the Battle of Black Fire Pass, she led 200 chariots into battle, initially moving to protect the Thuringians who had charged deep into the greenskin lines. As Sigmar was cut off saving Ulfdar, she skidded to a halt alongside him, taking the two of them onboard before retreating to their own lines. [1f]

At the coronation of Sigmar as the first Emperor, she spent much of the feasting with him, telling him stories of her twin boys, Fridleifr and Sigulf but she was disapointed when he refused her invitations to sleep with her again. [2a]

When Sigmar summoned Count Krugar to Reikdirf on his return from the campaign of vengeance against the Roppsmenn, Krugar met Freya on the way. She was displeased that she had not been called to meet him as well and concerned about the Norsii. [2b]

Following the Siege of Middenheim and the campaign against the Norsii, Freya and Adelhard noted and warned Sigmar of increasing greenskin activity in the Worlds Edge Mountains, Beastmen in the south and bandit and reavers in the north. [5a]

When undead wolves began attacking her people and the dead virtually wiped out the Menogoth and Brigundians, Freya mustered a war host to face Nagash leaving Three Hills and her two sons in the care of Maedbh. [5b] She confronted the undead at the Battle of the River Aver. [5c] Shortly before the Battle of the River Reik, she rode into the city with a hundred survivors. [5d]

Weapons and Equipment

She used a trident spear and rode a bladed chariot into battle. [1a]


Queen Freya! Destroyer of the Redmaw Tribe, conqueror of the stunted thieves and slayer of the Great Fang! Lover of a thousand men and Mistress of the Eastern Plains. I come before you to pay homage to your father, and to sup from your strength to measure it against my own!

~ Freya to Sigmar.[1]


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