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Wolfila was king of the Udoses during the time of Sigmar. [1a]


He wore a kilt and had braided hair the colour of the setting sun, his face scarred and tattoed. [1b]


He was married to Petra and although they were in love - they were also quick to argue with each other. [2b] He had a single son, Theodulf. [2c]


Around -8 IC his lands were invaded by the Norsii and his coastal capital besieged [1a] and it was only when Sigmar came with Krugar of the Taleutens and Aloysis of the Cherusen that the siege would broken. Wolfila quickly joined their army with his own clansmen and together they crushed the invaders. [1b]

They drove the Norse back into the bay where their ships were beached and then bombarded them with catapults and fire arrows as they sought to escape and most were destroyed, their crews slaughtered. Wolfila gave Sigmar his sword-oath in gratitude. [1b]

After the Battle of Black Fire Pass, he gifted Sigmar with three warhounds, Lex, Kai and Ortulf [2a] and the two became good friends. [2b]

Around 3 IC The Norsii and Roppsmenn under Cormac Bloodaxe began to raid his lands. They burned his castle, killing him and his family, crucifying them on the remaining tower. [2c]

Weapons and Equipment

He carried a huge sword in battle. [1b]


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