Idris Gwylt

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Idris Gwylt was a priest of the Old Faith in the Time of Legends. [1a]


An green eyed old man, his pure white beard reaching to his waist clad in robes of green wool, belted with woven reeds. His skin was the colour of old oak. [1a] He had an aura of power and carried the scent of ripened crops and freshly turned soil. [1b]


With Laredus he met Sigmar and his entourage when he travelled to Marburg. [1a]

Declaring that the land must be nourished by a virgin's blood, Idris led Count Aldred, his sister Marika and twenty Raven Helms into the marshland. [1c] On their return, they were confronted by an enraged Sigmar and his warriors who broke his staff and ordered Idris to lead them back to the Fimir domain. [1c]

After the Fimir were defeated he was put to death by Count Aldred - he was first fed a poisonous broth and then his skull broken before his throat was slit and Laredus drowned him. This series of deaths was meant to ensure his soul would remained trapped in his corpse, having not known when to flee. [1e]

Weapons and Equipment

He carried a pale wooden staff garlanded with mistletoe and a long curved blade. [1a]


Egil is beyond the help of man. Only the healing power of the land ca save him now, and it wanes as that of the daemons waxes. Only by offering the daemons our most valued treasure can Egil's life be saved

~ Idris to Sigmar.[1b]


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