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The Taleutens were a barbarian tribe of humans that lived in what is now the Empire. [1a]


After the Norsii invaded with a large army, King Krugar dispatched Notker as his emmisary to King Björn seeking his warriors to join with his own and those of King Aloysis of the Cherusens against the northerners. [1a]

The combined army of about 7000 warriors met the 6000 of the Norse in battle in the foothills east of the Middle Mountains and defeated them but the Warlord of the enemy managed to retreat with many of his warriors to a wooded ridgeline - giving them a good defensive position. [1b]

A great horde of Greenskins had invaded the lands of the Ostagoths, Merogens and Menogoths. The combined armies of the Cherusen, Endals, Taleutens and Unberogens faced them at the Battle of the Aver, defending the bridges over the river Aver. For several days and nights the battle raged until finally the humans were victorious but at great cost. [1d]


They had a mixed cavalry force including Horse Archers who would taunt the enemy to get them to charge them. [1b] Unlike other tribes such as the Unberogens who rode bareback, they used saddles and stirrups which gave them more control over their steeds. [1c]



Before battle their warriors drank harsh spirits as they talked about the heads they would claim. [1b]


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