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Eoforth was a counsellor of the Unberogen tribe in the Time of Legends . [1a]


Asv the Elder of the village of Ingaevon he gained a reputation for cleverness which brought him to the attention of King Redmane Dregor who visited him and asked him to serve as advisor to his son and heir Berongunden. [1b]

He served as counsellor first to King Björn and later to Emperor Sigmar, collecting a vast array of scrolls from across the lands of what would become the Empire. [1a]

When Sigmar decided to build a library, he appointed Eoforth as its first custodian. [1a]

Later Eoforth created a school in Reikdorf for a 100 children - he choose women as teachers as the youngsters were less likely to pick fights with matrons. [2a] Sigmar tasked him with finding out as much as he could about Nagash who was invading the Empire but was attacked by Dire Wolves in Reikdorf and fled to the Street of Temples. There, Alessa High Priestess of Shallya drove them away with the light of her goddess and before he died he whispered what he had learned to her - [2c] The crown, tell Sigmar it's his Ravenna. [2d]


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