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The Thuringians were a barbarian tribe of humans that lived in what is now the Empire. [1a]


Sigmar sought to join his growing alliance of kings and tribes but he refused every emissary and finally in -4 IC the Unberogens invaded with an army of some twelve thousand warriors. Otwin mustered his own army and met them in battle, but when he was defeated in combat he relented and gave him his oath. [1b]

King Otwin led his warriors into battle at the Battle of Black Fire Pass, with his bersekers charging directly into the advancing orc line. [1c] They killed many orcs but were soon overwhelmed with the survivors being rescued by a cavalry and chariot charge led by Sigmar and Queen Freya. [1d]

In the summer of 1 IC, Sigmar called for a great muster against Marius of the Jutones and with their allies, he marched on him with a combined force of around 10,000 warriors, Otwin and Ulfdar leading four hundred warriors to join the army. [2a]

They marched with Sigmar to meet the Norsii and their allies at the Battle of the Northern Ridge around 9 IC. They suffered badly, first encircled by horse archers and then hit by heavy cavalry, with many cut down including Count Otwin and it was only the intervention of Jutones lancers that saved them. Marius himself bringing Otwin out on his own horse. [2b]

When Nagash invaded the newly created Empire in search of his crown, the tribe were driven from their lands by the dead, the survivors fleeing to Marburg or Middenheim . [3a]


They used berserkers who drank firewater to drive them into a frenzy in battle. [1a]

  • King's Blade: Fiercest of the berserkers. [2b]



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