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The Menogoths were an ancient human tribe who settled in what would become the Empire. [1a]

They were viewed as miserable by the other tribes as they were, as a people fatalistic and gloomy. [4b]


Although Rhya and Taal fell in love when the world was still young and many children came forth from their union but it is said that the first born of the Menogoth tribe were children of Rhya who had lain with a mortal man. [2a]

A heroic warrior of the tribe, Devyn of the Axe saved the first king of the Menogoths from an Ogre cook pot. [4b]

When Sigmar sought to unite the tribes, Siggurd of the Brigundians pledged that not only his tribe but the Menogoths and the Merogens would join if he slew the Dragon Ogre Skaranorak. [2a] A week after the monster was slain, the four kings - Sigmar, Siggurd, Henroth and Markus swore an oath over the tusks of Skaranorak. [1b]

Over the next few years their lands were overwhelmed by a massive greenskin invasion, their king was besieged in his stone castle until Sigmar gathered an vast army with the other kings to relieve them. [1c]

At the Battle of Black Fire Pass they were on the right flank of the battleline and suffered heavy losses, first to blood-maddened wolves and then to bolt throwers, forcing them to retreat but this left the flank of the Merogens open and many of their warriors were quickly butchered, the right flank began to crumble. [1d] Little more than a thousand of their tribe and the Menogoths survived the orc invasion. [3a]

Following the battle Markus led his remaining warriors to try and recapture their lands devestated by the greenskins but also had to contend with the dead rising from their tombs. [3b] In the summer of 1 IC, Sigmar called for a great muster against Marius of the Jutones and with their allies, he marched on him with a combined force of around 10,000 warriors including several hundred slender Menogoth swordsmen. [3c]

As Sigmar celebrated in Reikdorf after his campaign of vengeance against the Norsii, the Menogoths were gathering to bury the son of their Count, Vartan Gothii. However the ceremony was interupted by Khaled al-Muntasir who killed the Count's Sword Champion Wenian before Markus ordered the Bloodspears to attack him. Krell jumped into the battle and slaughtered all of the elite warriors before doing the same to the remaining warriors. [4b]

Nagash himself then came forth, sending bats and wolves to attack Hyrstdunn before re-animated first Vartan and then all of the dead beneath the Morrdunn. [4c]


  • Hyrstdunn: A hill fort and settlement. [4a]
  • Morrdunn: A flat-topped hill where the tribes heroes were buried. [4b]


Their swordsmen wore cloaks of shimmering gold and green. [3c]



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