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Otwin was king of the Thuringian tribe during the time of Sigmar. [1a]

He had a reputation for being a hard but not brutal man [1a] and his banner was a skull. [2a]


A huge man festooned with tattoos and piercings, golden spikes driven into his temple provided a cown and his great two bladed axe was chained to his wrist. [1b]


Sigmar sought to join his growing alliance of kings and tribes but he refused every emissary and finally in -4 IC the Unberogens invaded with an army of some twelve thousand warriors. Otwin mustered his own army and met them in battle, but when he was defeated in combat he relented and gave him his oath. [1b]

At the beginning of the Battle of Black Fire Pass he led hundreds of Thuringian warriors into a charge directly and deep into the orc lines. [1c] They killed many orcs but were soon overwhelmed with the survivors being rescued by a cavalry and chariot charge led by Sigmar and Queen Freya. [1d]

He joined Sigmar for the Siege of Jutonsryk, but he and his warriors were repelled from the initial breach by Mercenary pikemen and as the siege progressed the years of battle made him much thinner. As they prepared for a final assault, he drove several spikes into the muscles of his chest. [2b] As Sigmar prepared to murder Marius in cold blood, Otwin stopped him, enduring his punches until his bloodlust had cleared. [2c]

He and the Thuringians marched with Sigmar to meet the Norsii and their allies at the Battle of the Northern Ridge around 9 IC. They suffered badly, first encircled by horse archers and then hit by heavy cavalry, with many cut down including Otwin and it was only the intervention of Jutones lancers that saved them. Marius himself bringing Otwin out on his own horse. As the army retreated to Middenheim he was tended to by Cradoc, the lance that had struck him nicking his right lung and breaking three ribs. [2d]


You're not going to do anything foolish are you, lad? You sure? I don't want to have to put you on your arse again.

~ Otwin to Sigmar.[2c]


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