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Ulfdar was a champion of the Thuringian tribe during the time of Sigmar. [1a]


She was beautiful with golden hair, tawny eyes and a whip-thin physique. [1a] In battle her hair was made into a tall mohawk with smeared blood. [1b]


When Sigmar invaded their lands in -4 IC, she was part of the army that Otwin mustered to meet them in battle. She attacked the king of the Unberogens, cutting him across shoulder with one of her blades before he headbutted and staggered her. He stepped into her next attack, her hand striking the torque at his neck, breaking fingers and he followed up with a hammer blow to her stomach. Sigmar then knocked her out. [1a]

Ulfdar fought alongside with her king at the Battle of Black Fire Pass and they led hundreds of Thuringian warriors into a charge directly and deep into the orc lines at the start of the battle. Despite her arm being broken and taking a spear in the back she used the pain to fuel her rage, screaming with hysterical fury. [1b] She would however have been overwhelmed if Sigmar had not reached her as part of his cavalry charge and both were picked up by the chariot of Queen Freya. [1c]

Weapons and Equipment

She fought with a pair of swords [1a] and used a mix of hemlock and weirdroot to boost her speed. [1b]


I am Ulfdar! And I am your death!

~ Ulfdar to Sigmar.[1]


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